About Reverie in sight

▶♯♫♭♪ Hayley Williams -‚Simmer‘

I am willing to dare whatever it takes to write down my thoughts, no matter how instrinsic or eerie they may come across.

As I rise to conquer the demons of accidental bad spelling and typos, I sense that somewhere through putting in some effort and passion, I may not be sentenced to darkness for life.

So, I am going to take a chance and invite the unknown – you, as a reader – to take a look at my blog, which is a truly wondrous place.

But make no mistake.

Just like you, all I can do is to throw caution into the wind and continue down this path.

The path of tempting blackness …

Although my name is irrelevant, the first letter of it is ‚J‘. I am 27 years old, a huge fan of all kinds of literature, but prefer the horror genre (my favorite work of all-time being ‚The Divine Comedy‘ by Dante Alighieri). English actually isn’t my mother tongue – I was raised bilingual though. This is my personal blog, but I write for a living. As of now I am located in Europe.